Ornithology in Sigonce

At Chante Oiseau, we create the perfect conditions for attracting wildlife.
In 2018, Chante Oiseau obtained the "Refuge LPO" label. You will have the pleasure of observing no fewer than a hundred species of birds in and around the hamlet.
We protect birds and nature by keeping the area quiet, especially during particularly sensitive periods such as the nesting season and when the weather is cold. In July 2018, the Maisons de Chante Oiseau created an LPO Refuge and made a moral commitment to preserve nature and improve biodiversity around the refuge and follow the strict principles of respecting & protecting the environment. With these measures, we also wish to remain loyal to the vision of the former owner who defended the local animal and plant life. And what a treat it is to hear the nightingale's song at dusk!
Throughout the hamlet, we have diversified and created environments which are favourable to wildlife (hedges, ponds, dry stone walls, nesting boxes and perches, tall grass).
We plant species which grow naturally in the region and which are more resistant to the weather conditions and adapted to the local wildlife.

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