House rules


The accommodation and their facilities are at your disposal. If, despite our care, you notice a malfunction or missing items (utensils, dishes, light bulbs), please contact us and we will remedy the problem as soon as possible.

Please do not flush wipes down the toilet as they can block the drains.

Your pets

Dogs are authorised provided that they are clean and calm.

You are responsible for supervising your pets and cleaning up after them in the common and shared areas.

We reserve the right to terminate the stay in the event of disturbances affecting other residents and dirt or damage inside the accommodation or in the garden.

The pool

The swimming pool is open to our residents free of charge from sunrise to sunset. Swimming at night is strictly prohibited.

The pool is equipped with alarms which must be deactivated before you can enjoy a dip. We will give you the codes when you arrive at the hamlet.
Caution: the alarm is reactivated automatically after the pool has been left empty for a while.

Important: children must remain under the supervision of their parents!

No objects (toys, glasses, etc.) should be left in the pool: they may be sucked into the drain and cause damage for which you will be held liable!

Waste disposal

We remind you that residents must manage their own waste.
Rubbish bins can be found at the top of the path: from the Chante Oiseau car park, make your way towards the exit and climb the short slope: the bins (selective sorting) are at the crossroads!
A compost bin is also available at the entrance to the garden for all your biodegradable waste.
A specific container for glass is available in the village.

Our animals

You can approach the animals on site.

Please do not feed them.